"the cabbie"
Last time I checked I was a videographer/photographer? Despite my uselessness I am the producer of this site and hopefully all your friends. You will occasionally hear me in the background! I am usually a cab driver, a "friend" or somewhere in there ensuring things run smoothly! All in all I think everything cool costs around 50 bux which really doesn't make me the biggest hit with most ladies. But I don't care! I know how to get these porn party girls together and make them feel!

I'm a sophisticated classy and elegant business woman by day. At night I join the crew to take out my lustfilled desires on many women and men as I see fit. Some could describe me as a woman with a dominating personality. I just like to call myself fun and open minded ;) I love making reality porn with these nightclub girls we find and it's my pleasure to serve you all with my talents of persuasion ;)

"the face"
Its simply just that - a fucking face of fun. We head out with our cams and talk shit to whoever, whatever, whichever babe/dudes/couples we can find and make them do silly shit. I lyove making their faces go out of bounds - it makes me very happy in a sick way!

Who me now? I'm the psycho party guy of the troupe. Love the women, but love them on cam more! I love the blondes. I'm actually a slave/sucker for blondes..if you didn't notice by the videos. Something about them makes my equipment _____. You get the pictures and you will see more of me!

"allie the lesbian"
Lipstick lesbian absolute! Men gimme your money and your honey cause she'll never come home after me! The guys here welcomed me with open arms and I won $500 in a bet with the men. Never doubt the pussy that craves pussy.. you'll always lose.

"the extra"
While we have no idea what he does. We thought it would be a good idea to have an "extra guy" there to help us out with the stuff we haven't thought of yet. I am sure he will eventually come to use for us!

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